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Sweden 29/05/2018

Strawberries: An exceptional crop that will limit imports

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Sweden has had a spring with warm temperatures which has been a boon for strawberry producers. The harvest promises to be exceptional for one of the country's most popular fruits.

Bärfrämjandet, the association of berry producers, said that this year there was no frost damage, the mild temperatures of the spring have favored a good development. Greenhouse strawberries are already available and field strawberries will arrive. The harvest will be plentiful and it should not be necessary to import strawberries this summer.
In Sweden many varieties of strawberries are grown. At the beginning of the season the varieties Honeoye, Rumba, Flair. Then Sonata, Korona, Polka, Salsa, Faith. Then the varieties Florence and Malwina. Charlotte, Favorite, Furore, and Sweet Eve varieties produce mid-season to October.



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After the disastrous campaign of last year, Swedish professionals believe that this year the harvest is exceptional.
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