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Germany 28/05/2018

German agriculture threatened with a shortage of seasonal workers

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For its asparagus, strawberry or grape harvests, German agriculture employs seasonal workers (286 000 in 2016) but the situation changes and German farmers are under threat of a shortage of seasonal workers warned GLFA, the Agricultural Employers Association.

For GLFA, strong economic growth in countries such as Romania and Poland is causing a lack of interest in seasonal jobs in Germany. The Association believes that the prospects are not favorable and that German farmers are threatened with a shortage of labor.
Also GLFA proposes to look for seasonal workers in other countries, especially in Ukraine with whom Germany could make agreements to facilitate access to its labor market. The Ministry of Agriculture has also indicated that a project is under consideration to allow the hiring of seasonal workers from the Balkans.


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In Germany the flow of seasonal workers is shrinking due to better economic conditions in Romania and Poland.
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