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United Arab Emirates 07/05/2018

The next big food trend could be immature dates (less sugar and more fiber)

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The next big food trend could be immature dates (less sugar and more fiber). In the United Arab Emirates dates are one of the favorite foods of consumers who have the choice of more than 100 locally grown varieties. These dates are marketed and consumed when they are in the final stages of their maturation.
The maturation process of the dates has been classified in 16 stages but usually 3 main divisions are distinguished: Bisr, Rutab and Tamar. These stages are associated with the transformation of color from yellowish green to dark brown. The date being a type of climacteric fruit, which means that it continues to ripen even after picking.
Dates are usually consumed at the "Tamar" stage where the water content is between 10 and 30%, or at the "Rutub" stage where the water content is about 30 to 35%. Very few dates are consumed at the "Bisr" stadium where the fruits still contain 50% water and offer a crunchy texture.
A team of scientists from the Food and Agriculture Department of UAE University discussed potential diversification prospects. With a consumer survey they found that 70% of people would buy "Bisr" dates if they were available on the market. These immature dates have a lower sugar content and contain more fiber than ripe dates. Which is better for health and is an interesting fact for a country with high levels of obesity. Thus these immature dates would be an important vector in the future for the expansion of the market.


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he United Arab Emirates is one of the TOP 10 global producers of dates.
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