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New Avocado Quality Meter will be unveiled by Felix Instruments at Tropical Fruit Congress

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Instruments from Felix Instruments- Applied Food Science  is a sponsor of the first annual Tropical Fruit Congress at MACFruit in Remini, Italy May 9-11.

Leonard Felix, Owner and President of Felix Instruments-applied Food Science will be available for meetings and demonstrations of the F-750 Produce Quality Meter, the newest feature of the Produce Quality Meter, Fruit Maps: The FREE interactive harvest map, and the NEWEST instrument from Felix- The Avocado Quality Meter!

A fraction of the price of a Produce Quality Meter, the Avocado Quality Meter will come ready to use out of the box and provide avocado farmers with the tools to more accurately predict harvest and ripeness of their fruit.

The F-750 Produce Quality Meter has shown success in predicting harvest dates for several tropical commodities including avocados, cherries, kiwi, and mangoes.  Felix Instruments-Applied Food Science offers model-building services for commodity starter models that are not currently provided, as well as rental options to assess the potential value the instrument may add to farming businesses.

The F-940 Store It! Gas Analyzer will also be on hand for demonstrations! The F-940 Store It! Gas Analyzer has proven extremely useful in packing houses and storage facilities. The F-940 Store It! Gas Analyzer provides rapid and precise measurements of ethylene, CO2 and O2. The Store It! was designed for Quality Assurance staff to increase shelf-life and prevent spoilage by monitoring ripening gases throughout the storage process.

Steroglass, the Italian distributor for Felix Instruments will also have instruments on hand for demonstration. Find them at booth #B1-189.

Chelsea Gaya
Marketing Manager
Felix Instruments



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