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France 24/04/2018

Galic, Onion and Shallot, the products in the spotlight at medFEL 2018

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For this 10th edition, which opens today, the medFEL trade show is showcasing Garlic, Onions and Shallots.

France is a major player in the production of these condiments in Europe. Production has increased in recent years to reach 473 000 tonnes in 2016.
It is the leading European producer of shallots and the 4th largest European exporter of onions. The production of garlic has no less than 4 PGIs (Lomagne white garlic, Arleux smoked garlic, White garlic from the Drôme and Lautrec pink garlic), a PDO (Cadours purple garlic) and a red label (Pink garlic) of Lautrec).
On medFEL 2018, the major players in the sector are present. The show also offers conferences dedicated to the production and consumption of these products in Europe and worldwide, and several events throughout the event.



medFEL 2018

24-25-26 April 

Parc des Expositions




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Gold Members
Spain Garcia Ballester (SL) - Spain - 1. Citrus fruit
France Midi Europe - France - 1. Garlic - 2. Carrot - 3. Celery
Turkiye Ani Tarim Fresh Fruit Export Limited Co - Turkiye - 1. Pomegranate - 2. Cherry - 3. Black fig
Mexico Productora de Chile Tapatia - Mexico - 1. Chilli
USA Tom Lange Company, Inc. - USA - 1. Cherry - 2. Lemon - 3. Mandarin
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Garlic and quality onions are indispensable products in cooking.
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