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Peru 20/04/2018

Free Trade Agreement with the US has advanced Peruvian exports

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After 9 years of operation, the Free Trade Agreement with the United States has led to a significant growth of Peruvian exports to the US market. Growth rate of 18% overall and 190.6% for agricultural products.

IEDEP (Instituto de Economía y Desarrollo Empresarial) announces that Peruvian exports to the United States have grown by about 18% since the implementation of the Free Trade Agreement. The value of exports totals $ 6,892 million. In the observed period, 2009-2017, cumulative growth reached 162.6% for fishery products and 190.6% for agricultural products.
Over the same period, Peruvian imports of US products recorded a growth rate of 44.7%. Purchases of consumer goods, intermediate goods and capital goods.


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For agricultural products, cumulated growth reached 162.6% over the period.
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