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USA 02/04/2018

People, environment and innovation are priorities in growing grapes today

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Since 1976, Sun World had been dedicated to growing grapes and today have vineyards on 6,000 net acres. The vertically-integrated produce company breeds premium grape varieties, and grows, harvests, and markets them under the Sun World® brand.

The company’s sustainable goals for 2022 highlighted in their newly launched Corporate Social Responsibility Report are focused in 3 main directions: empowering their people, protecting the environment, and innovating for sustainability.

“I am encouraged by our progress, such as being recognized by one of our key retail partners as the top grape supplier based on our sustainability performance,” explains Sun World CEO Merrill Dibble. ”In the same way that we are always looking out for how we can deliver an even tastier grape, we are carefully cultivating sustainability into the way we do business—so that we grow to be better stewards of the land, natural resources, wildlife, and our people.” In 2017, Sun World launched The Better Future Project to uphold the integrity of this commitment.

By 2022, the company plans to train 2,500 farm workers on skills that support career development and personal well-being, as well as improve overall workplace safety performance.

Goals for the next 4 years also include advancing water conservation along with continuous improvement in water use efficiency. The company aims to generate 10% of their power from renewable sources to reduce dependency on power generated from fossil fuels, as well as plant 50% of their acreage with cover crops and hedgerows to support soil health and at-risk bee populations.

Finally, Sun World will continue to develop non-GMO grapes with higher yield and lower inputs and water use.

”We began tracking our performance to bring data to these efforts and demonstrate how we see corporate responsibility as an integral part of our business strategy,” adds Dibble.

Contact: Sun World International, USA
Danielle Loustalot – Marketing Specialist
Phone: +1 (661) 392-5057


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