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Slovenia 27/03/2018

Agroinspekt from Slovenia– expands inspection business and services.

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   Quality control is a process within an organization designed to ensure a set level of quality for the products or services offered by a company. The overall goal of quality control includes meeting the customer’s requirements, product satisfaction, fiscally sound, and dependable output.  Most companies provide a service or a product.  The control is important to determine that the output being provided is of overall top quality.  Quality is important to companies for liability purposes, name recognition or branding, and maintaining a position against the competition in the marketplace.


Agroinspekt provide a wide range of services to clients from different fields, such as traders, importers, exporters, forwarding agents, insurance agencies, banks, governmental agencies, humanitarian aid organizations and others. The main services Agroinspekt provides are:

  • Quality, Quantity, Production, Packing and Marking inspection
  • Preshipment inspections
  • FOG and FOQ
  • Inspection of transport vehicles
  • Inspection of warehouses and storing
  • Supervision of loading, transloading and discharging
  • Sampling
  • Assessment of damages
  • Reconditioning of Damaged Goods


 Today Agroinspekt performs inspections in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnian federation, Serbia and Macedonia and so on. Approximately 80% of the work is carried out for foreign partners, be it trading companies, inspection companies or insurance agencies.

  On client’s request company send their experienced inspectors to any country in the world.


Agroinspekt d.o.o., Ljubljana              

Tel.:    +386 1 43 15 009  







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