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France 20/03/2018

MedFEL fair: FEL'INNOV to promote and elect the most innovative and value-creating solutions in the F & V sector

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The FEL'INNOV Challenge is a creation of MEDFEL which aims to place innovation at the heart of the fruit and vegetables sector and to promote the meeting between the supply of innovative solutions and demand.

It is a pitch contest where each candidate has 5 minutes, chrono in hand, to demonstrate the added value of its solution. The competition takes place on a television set at the heart of MEDFEL, in front of a qualified jury made up of experts from the fruit and vegetable sector, scientific experts and the public (buyers of the show).
Two themes are offered:
- Packaging innovation to the consumer (Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 9:45 am / 11:15 am)
- Innovations packaging
- New ways of consumption
- New forms of transformation
- New circuits / new distribution models
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- Innovation from the plot to the station (Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 9:45 am / 11:15 am)
- Production: management tools, steering etc.
- Packaging stations: sorting, calibration etc.
- Supply chain: management tools, traceability etc.
- Conservation
To submit your application
Closing date: March 25, 2018



Salon medFEL

24-25-26 Avril 2018




GOLD Member
Gold Members
Spain Garcia Ballester (SL) - Spain - 1. Citrus fruit
France Midi Europe - France - 1. Garlic - 2. Carrot - 3. Celery
Turkiye Ani Tarim Fresh Fruit Export Limited Co - Turkiye - 1. Pomegranate - 2. Cherry - 3. Black fig
Mexico Productora de Chile Tapatia - Mexico - 1. Chilli
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Your company offers an innovative solution, do not hesitate and submit your application for the FEL'INNOV Challenge
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