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Tunisia 02/03/2018

Tunisia launches the idea of developing a "Mediterranean Label"

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At the SIA (International Agricultural Show) in Paris, the Minister of Agriculture of Tunisia chaired a business meeting between French and Tunisian professionals and called for developing a "Mediterranean Label".

Chaired by Mr. Samir Taieb, Minister of Agriculture of Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries, the business meeting with Mr. Bruno Dupont, President of Interfel, the French interprofessional organization for fresh F & V, brought together French and Tunisian professionals. The different areas of existing cooperation have been detailed as well as the future areas of cooperation. During this meeting, Mr. Taieb asked Interfel representatives to work with their Tunisian counterparts on the launch of a "Mediterranean Label".
The Paris SIA covers 134,000 m2, bringing together 1,300 livestock and dairy products professionals. This 55th edition of the show also houses 11 pavilions "Agriculture and Delights of the world" with professionals from Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast and Brazil. A dozen Tunisian companies occupy a stand of 80m2 and present most of the national production (citrus, fruits, ...).


source : facebook ministere agriculture, huffpostmaghreb 




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Meeting with Mr. Samir Taieb, Tunisian Minister of Agriculture and Mr.Bruno Dupont, President of Interfel.
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