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England 22/02/2018

Harvesting robots could revolutionize farming practices

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The growing demand for local products coupled with the labor shortage following Brexit are serious problems for farmers in the UK. To solve these problems, scientists are working on the creation of harvesting robots.

The Plymouth University Robotic Department is working with several partners on a project called Automated Brassica Harvesting in Cornwall (ABC). The team has already developed a technology to harvest tomatoes, raspberries and peas and is now focusing on cauliflower, broccoli, and kale, widely grown in Cornwall. .
Among the challenges to be met, how to allow the robot to identify the cauliflower ready to be harvested and distinguish the precise part to take. The solution is likely to reside in cameras and sensors that can create 3D models in real time to allow the robot to recognize what to pick and what to leave.
The trials have started and a commercialization of robots is likely within 2 years.


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Harvesters for vegetable production, soon a reality in Cornwall.
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