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Italy 31/01/2018

«Fresh-look» solutions from Polymer Logistics

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  In our time, the packaging of fresh product is as important as the product itself, that is why retailers pay big attention on new ways of presenting their products. That is well known that quality of product presentation affects on volume of sales.

  Innovative design of Reusable Plastic Containers, such as the wood-look presented by Polymer Logistics, satisfy retailers and growers demands.

 The promotional base is built for long-term use, fits the decor of most stores, and standard RPC crates sit easily and securely on top. This makes stocking and restocking easy, and the empty crates are returnable and reusable through the standard pooling process.


 Gian Paolo Mezzanotte, Managing Director of  Polymer Logistics Italy explains: "In 2017 in Italy, we implemented our solutions in Carrefour Italia Group, as well as in other large chain stores. The wood -look RPCs ensures a better representation of fruits and vegetables and create an ambience of «just from the farm» freshness.

Unlike single-use packaging, Polymer Logistics RPCs can be continuously reused- they’re very durable. It’s a very responsible use of limited resources. Success was also confirmed by retailers that are seeing sales increases using the wood-look RPC and in-store processes aligned to support the growth».


 Polymer Logistics intends to continue to develop value-added solutions that help retailers provide the best possible supply of fresh products to their customers. And will be glad to share new advanced solutions with visitors of   Fruit Logistica Berlin - Hall 21, Stand E-09.


Gianpaolo Mezzanotte                             

Tel: +39 039 64 26 01

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