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New resistant apple varieties developed by Holland Alma Fruit Tree Nursery Group: The match point between grower and consumer

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The Hungarian Fruit Tree Nursery Group Holland Alma Kft. is presenting new resistant apple varieties: Red-coloured Allegro, Rozela, Red Topaz, yellow-coloured Luna, Sirius and Orion.

Being one of the major nurseries in Central Europe with the 25 years experience in serving fruit growers with highest quality trees, has launched special brand called Naturalma®.

The nursery collaborates and works in close relationship with several European research and breeding institutes, training and development centers and nursery groups. After consumption testing of more than 70 varieties, 6 were selected for further propagation. Naturalma® has been established for these varieties in order to help the introduction, production and commercialization of these sorts. During the selection the main aspect – beside the look, resistance and storage capacity – was the excellent taste.

„Naturalma® varieties are the red-coloured Allegro, Rozela and Red Topaz, the yellow-coloured Luna, Sirius and Orion. With these sorts healthier fruits with higher consuming value can be produced with lower chemical substance application and lower cost. This means that Naturalma® has found the match point between the interests of the producer and the consumer”, - explains owner of Holland Alma Kft. Mr. Peter Kavassy.

Holland Alma Kft. has rootstocks and several kinds of fruit trees in production, mainly apple trees, but additionally they also propagate and sell exclusive license for plum, pear, sour cherry, sweet cherry, peach and apricot trees.

„We are committed to our slogan „In harmony with nature”. As continuous innovator we provide excellent quality of grafts, as well as full long-term professional support to growers by which they can offer healthy fruits for customers along with environment-friendly and rentable production”, - says Mr. Kavassy.

Holland Alma Fruit Tree Nursery Group operated both on Hungarian market and exports to varies European countries and some countries of Eurasia.


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