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Biocyclic Vegan Standard approved by IFOAM-Organics International as part of the “IFOAM Family of Standards”

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With its inclusion into the "IFOAM Family of Standards" the Biocyclic Vegan Standard is being given a global dimension and offers farmers worldwide the possibility to open up new markets with a quality label. The quality label “from Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture” is awarded by BNS Biocyclic Network Services Ltd. based in Larnaca, Cyprus, in cooperation with international partners in different countries.


As from this year, the updating and legally binding interpretation of the Biocyclic Vegan Standard has been entrusted to the Biocyclic Vegan Standard and Approval Commission, which is chaired by BNS Biocyclic Network Services .Thus, already around 60 certified smallholder family farms in Greece and Cyprus work according to the Biocyclic Vegan Standard without keeping livestock for commercial purposes and without using any animal manure or other inputs of animal origin.


The products of the growers who are associated in the Panhellenic Organic Farm Network BIOCYCLIC-VEGAN NETWORK are sold exclusively through the member organisations (organic packhouses) of the Organic Marketing & Export Network O.M.E.N., which are also controlled and certified according to the Biocyclic Vegan Standard. 


With the introduction of the Biocyclic Vegan Standard and the label "from biocyclic vegan agriculture", it has now become possible for suppliers of both, fresh and processed products to label plant-based items with the reference to biocyclic vegan farming and thus transparently communicate the consistently organic and vegan characteristics of these products to a growing segment of customers.


For consumers, this provides a complete traceability "from field to table", which enables them for the first time to recognize not only that all ingredients of a product are of purely plant-based origin, but that they have already been grown according to vegan principles.


BNS Biocyclic Network Services Ltd.






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