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Greece 03/01/2018

PROTO will launch an e-Commerce platform for its customers.

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  In our days business is characterized by relentless changes. To stay competitive, companies must continually grow and evolve, implement new technologies, services and maintaining direct and friendly approach to its customers.


   To give a possibility to customers to get all kind of important information on the fruits that they are planning or already have purchased, PROTO plan to launch an e-Commerce platform with truly exciting potential.


All available products will be presented with up-to-date photographs along with various information like availability and current price.

·         The customers will have their personalized menu where they will be able to see their orders either completed, delivered or en route to them.

·         When a customer is interested in any of the fruit presented, they will have the ability to immediately place an order with the requested quantity and quality at the displayed price.

·         Customers will have access to the traceability of their products – will be able to find the growers who produced the product that they received.

·         The customers will have access to the quality checks performed by the QC team during packing.


For more details:

Contact: Mr. George Kallitsis (export director)

Tel: +302 31 028 195



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