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Vegetable Rice: new trend product for healty nutrition

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The cooking and eating habits have been changing over the past years. Healthy nutrition has come to the fore more and more. One new trend, which came to the centre of attention at the PMA Fresh Summit in New Orleans, USA,  is the so-called vegetable rice, namely broccoli and cauliflower stems or also carrots cut in smallest pieces and resembling rice.

The product targets to those consumer groups preferring food which is healthy and rich of vegetables or having decided to live and eat even fully vegetarian. On the one side it can be seen as a substitution for regular rice and as such it is a completely new food option, which can be used as a main dish component (e.g. for risotto) but as a side dish as well. On the other side, the vegetable rice fulfils the demand of many consumers who value nutritious food and appreciate convenient and quick preparation at the same time.

Vegetable rice can be processed with the KRONEN cube, strip and slice cutting machine KUJ V in a fast and easy way. Hence, one can cut small, oblong vegetable strips from different sorts of vegetables using various alignments such as a format of 3 x 3 x 5 mm.

“KRONEN GmbH stands for high quality. And furthermore it is our continuous endeavour to listen to the industry, perceive market trends and offer suitable technology solutions for our customers, which allow them to successfully expand their business. By offering KUJ V’s vegetable rice processing, we make the optimum production of another promising fresh vegetable product possible.” explains Stephan Zillgith, Managing Director of KRONEN.

The KRONEN KUJ V cuts vegetables, fruit or fish slices from 2 to 12 mm, strips from 2 to 20 mm and cubes of 3 mm up to 20 mm in exact, perfect cutting quality and in a single operation.

KRONEN develops and manufactures stand alone and special machines as well as complete processing lines according to the customers’ requirements – highduty machines for washing, cutting, dividing, peeling, de-watering, drying, and packaging. Company has representations in over 60 countries and is selling its solutions in over 100 countries worldwide.

Contact: KRONEN GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik, Germany
Mrs Christina Maier
Phone: + 49 (0)7854 9646-160

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