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Poland 20/12/2017

Sorting machine affordable even for small farms

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The cost of apples production has been rising faster, partially because of increasing labor costs. Less hand work makes the production cost per unit lower and the yield higher. Previously sorting machines were affordable only for large farms and reach growers. Today sorting machine could be put into garage and be recouped in a matter of few years even for a small grower. Affordable post-harvest technologies were discussed with Tomasz Stefaniuk, president of Green Sort during Fresh Business Expo in Kiev, Ukraine.

Tomasz created a sorting machine especially for small farms and growers, with 5 to 35 ha orchards. “We have calculated that sorting machine for an average polish farmer will be recouped during 20 years. So the average farmer just do not have the opportunity to buy it, it is economically unjustified. That is how our sorting machine appeared”, explains Mr Stefaniuk.

The innovative sorting machine is equipped with camera, which allows it to precisely measure the diameter, sort by color and detect visual damages. It has simple design and construction, relatively small size. Fruits are moved practically without pulling away from the surface on which they travel. This minimizes the potential risk of damage during sorting. Sorting capacity is 1,200 kg of fruit / hour.

“We call it “intelligent sorting machine with camera for everyone”, because it is very easy to use. Despite the use of the latest technology, the device can be operated by people who do not use a computer every day. At the same time price starts from approximately €12000.00, which makes it affordable”, - says the inventor.


Contact: Green Sort sp. z o. o., Poland
Mr Tomasz Stefaniuk
+48 513 369 565

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Tomasz Stefaniuk with sorting machine at Fresh Business Expo in Kiev, Ukraine
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