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USA 19/12/2017

New DeltaTrak wireless monitoring solutions for cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, greenhouses, pre-coolers, as well as trucks and containers

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FlashLink BLE Data Logger was designed by DeltaTrak, USA to solve problem of 24/7 wireless monitoring for cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, greenhouses, pre-coolers, as well as trucks and containers.


This advanced monitoring product provides temperature, humidity and location information during storage, processing and transportation of any perishable product. Data is downloaded from the BLE Logger using a smart phone app with an access code which offers an added level of data security. The mobile device uploads information to a web application where it can be viewed remotely.


“What is really important FlashLink BLE Data Logger ensures real time wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and location with access to data on mobile device up to ~100 feet / 30 meters away. The system sends email or SMS notifications when out-of-range conditions occur.” Fred Wu, DeltaTrak President and CEO, explains. “Our approach allows personnel to analyze information from any web enabled device to know when products are compromised by changes in temperature conditions or when deliveries occur, so immediate corrective actions can be taken when there are problems to make cold chain management decisions”


The stored data is also available for traceability, audits, HACCP documentation, insurance compliance and FSMA compliance.


All line of DeltaTrak wireless monitoring devices will be available on company’s booth at Fruit Logistica 2018 in Berlin, February 2018.


For contact:

Mrs. Michelle Alvino

Marketing Manager

+1 925 249 2250

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DeltaTrak team demonstrating advanced wireless monitoring solutions at PMA Freash Summit 2017 in New Orleans, USA
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