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INDOOR FARMS of AMERICA: complete solutions for vertical farming in close environment & in greenhouses

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The company has been established in Las Vegas, USA in 2013.

After 2 years of research & development, they have succeeded to build an expertise in vertical farms in aeroponics environment.

Met in WOP Dubai, Mr. David W. Martin, CEO explains: «We do exist because we have created an equipment that offers more density crop yield/m². We have been integrating all equipment necessary to set up a vertical farm either in a close space as a 40‘ container, either in greenhouses. This equipment brings together vertical panels, mist & nutrition sprays, LED lights, temperature-humidity-light-CO2 control system… We manufacture, design, install and train professionals to achieve the best results».

Today, already 25 farms have been built in different countries: USA, Canada, UAE, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Singapore…

Mr. David W. Martin goes on: «Our system can be equiped with solar power with 100% autonomy, which gives huge possibility to set up these farms in areas with low energy ressources. In some farms in Africa, farmers have been planted peas and beans to bring proteins nutrition instead of lettuces, herbs and strawberries.

«We can also generate 100% of water on-site tahnks to system that capts humidity in the air. In a 40’ container farm, you need only 20 gallons ( 72 liters) / day to grow lettuces. As we are recycling water».

«A 40 feet container is equipped with 21 vertical panels, that produces 7000 plants. If we consider lettuces for instance, you can produce 15 crops a year. If you consider that a 40’ container solution worth around US $92.000, it gives professionals a breakdown point within 24 months. Not bad!

This is a key point, because you can be proud to build a sustainable farming, but all these premises need to generate net revenue to really be a game-changer. Even if a community wants to launch a social farm, it has to generate net Return on Investment».

By the end of January 2018, the company will also launch a mini farrm for end consumers that you can operate in your kitchen for a price under US $1.000.

«Vertical farming offers lots of opportunities in various environments», - concludes Mr Martin.


Contact :
David W. Martin, CEO
Direct : +1 702 606 2691

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