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Innovative fertilizers presented by URALCHEM at the Chemistry – 2017 exhibition in Moscow

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Calcium nitrate and low-biuret urea – the innovative fertilizers were presented by URALCHEM at the international Chemistry – 2017 exhibition in Moscow.

Application of calcium is required throughout entire vegetation period, because it is heavily redistributed between different plant organs. Calcium nitrate improves plant resistance to stress conditions, the quality and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Concentrated calcium nitrate is the flagship product in the range of Solar, water-soluble fertilizers. A lot of manufacturers offer various kinds of calcium nitrate, whereas the product developed by URALCHEM has a number of important differences.

Concentrated calcium nitrate has the most content of calcium nitrate (in comparison with products of other manufacturers) as a chemical compound, not less than 98%, and it does not contain ballast components. It is fully soluble in water and readily available calcium source for plants.

Low-biuret is the most concentrated solid form of nitrogen fertilizer suitable for a wide range of crops. 100% water-soluble fertilizer is mobile in soil and can be applied by irrigation. Urea supplies a continuous source of nitrogen for plant nutrition during the whole growing period. Fertilizer is produced from pure raw materials. The urea production is certified according to ISO international standards and the International Fertilizer Association (IFA).


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Mrs Kseniya Haseeva, head of product promotion department at Chemistry – 2017
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