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China 09/11/2017

Young fruit bagging machine – innovation from FRUITS DE BONHEUR China

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  Established in September 2016, company is a comprehensive operator integrated with internet, young fruit bagging machine and fruit, which is also the advocator and leader of fruit food industry internet in China.


  Young fruit bagging machine is a project of the company that have more than 100 patents, including 23 innovation patents and got awards as “The most valuable investment project”. Moreover, it has been rated as “The most innovative enterprise in 2016”.


  Young fruit bagging machine serve to cover the young fruit with a small package that protect them from plant diseases, insect pests and reduce pesticide’s residues. The advantage of the young fruit bagging machine is that it can improve the young fruit bagging efficiency up to 7 times and reduce 70% of labor force. It is able to improve the quality of fruit and increase the profit of growers.



Leng Kangqi


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Mr. Leng Kangqi present young fruit bagging machine on China FVF
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