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Turkiye 06/11/2017

The season of Bursa's black fig is coming to an end.

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The President of the Union of Fresh fruits and vegetables Exporters in Uludağ, the main production area for the famous black figs of Bursa, took stock of this season, which is about to end.

While the previous season had started earlier than usual, the lack of rain during the development period has reduced production by about 25% compared to the previous year. However, fig exports in October were well ahead of 2016, with excellent selling prices. "AVRUPA PAZARINDA SÜREKLİLİK SAĞLANACAK"
While the European market is already a regular customer of the Turkish fig, the effort of the Turkish exporters is on the Asian market, with tasting stands on the fairs of Hong Kong, from where the fruits are re-exported to other Asian countries. These marketing strategies, which began about two years ago, are bearing fruit because they make known the organoleptic qualities of the black fig of Bursa.
According to figures from this organization, 460 tons of Bursa black figs have been exported to Hong Kong this season.

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