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How to ensure longer shelf-life for blueberries: CIS leading blueberry producer on way to involve precooling technologies

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Ensuring the shelf life of fresh cuts is always complicated and risky process. It's especially actual in berries industry. BETEC Berry Plantations one of the largest blueberry grower and supplier in the CIS and Europe agreed to share with us its successful experience. 


Having 325 ha of blueberry and 180 ha of bearing blueberry bushes facilities based in Ukraine since 2010 company is specializing in blueberries cultivation with main priority to supply the highest quality blueberries of Duke, Bluegold, Bluecrop, Chandler, Liberty, Elliott and Aurora variety.


Mr. Andrii Borysenko, BETEC Head of commercial department shares with us: “Thanks to modern technologies and processes of cultivation, harvesting, processing, packing and storage we supply our customers with the products of the highest quality which is confirmed by GLOBAL GAP and Tesco NURTURE certificates.”


“We strictly control the whole production process from the crop till the final delivery of the berries. For that reason our company has launched own Warehouse Management System that provides live data regarding production processes and product quality monitoring.” Mr. Borysenko explained in more detailed: “Every stage within our production process is supported by the newest equipment accompanied with strictly control to meet the quality standards of the most demanding markets. Among one of the most important stages we see precooling of berries. Involved precooling solutions developed by Global Cooling technologies help us to significantly prolong shelf-life of blueberries and optimize operational expenses.”


“Precooling is an essential part of the postharvest process. It’s been proved that the faster you precool, the more net weight you save. Faster precooling results in produce with a longer shelf life and greater weight, ultimately saving time, energy and money” - explains Global Cooling founder and president, Jim Still.


Global Cooling Inc. USA precooling solutions developer also manufactures the Jet-Ready, Jet-Heavy Duty, and Jet-Ripe portable precoolers, as well as the Rapid-Cool 2- and 3-tier high pallet racked precoolers.



For contact:

Betec Berry Plantations

Mr Andrii Borysenko

+380 50 413 5795


Global Cooling Inc.

Jim Still

Tel: +1-844-858-4621

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Global Cooling precooling equipment used by Betec Berry Plantations
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