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Canada 30/10/2017

Eco-Friendly Fruit Labeling Technology from Accu-Label

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The FLEX-TL Eco-Friendly modular tray was recently introduced by Accu-Label International at the PMA Fresh Summit expo in USA.


 “The FLEX-TL allows the customer to choose his or her options to build a system with the features they absolutely need and add on the features they want”, says President of Accu-Label Joe Sleiman. The internationally patented ORB-it® fruit labelling system supplied by Accu-Label provides one of the highest label application rate on wet and fuzzy produce and at the same time the least amount of damage or bruising to soft produce.  Labels are constructed from high-quality bio-degradable paper on a recyclable PET liner.


Highlighting the advantages of the paper label in comparison to plastic one, Mr. Sleiman asks, “If your child accidentally eats the label, which one would you prefer, paper or plastic?” Then he adds, “We all know that children might accidentally eat some, and from the other side during processing, paper labels could be left on the fruit without clogging the juicing equipment”.


Terri Michienzi, Ag-Tronic Control Systems Inc. Project Manager and Mechanical Designer, tells us that she rejected working for Disney to make changes in labelling technology. Terri explains, “I can see how we are helping farmers with these solutions and at the same time this is something people need nowadays. Paper labels are good for customers, consumers and the environment. This is something that makes me happy”.


“Our customers are people who care about the environment and future of their children”, sums up Joe Sleiman.


Contact: Accu-Label, Canada

Mr. Joe Sleiman

Tel + 1 519 727 0888


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from right to left: Terri Michienzi (Ag-Tronic Control Systems Inc. Project Manager and Mechanical Designer), Joe Sleiman (President of Accu-Label), Valentyna Vizir (Fructidor)
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