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Minimizing human intervention in sorting process: Sun Pacific upgrades packing operations to Spectrim grading platform

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Advanced sorting equipment allows optimizing sorting process by putting the right fruit into the right pack without human intervention, improving the accuracy of the grade, consistency of the pack and increasing the throughput and predictability of the packing process.


Sun Pacific being fresh produce grower, packer and shipper has upgraded three pack lines in its Maricopa Cuties packing facility to Compac's Spectrim platform, and purchased a new grader for the Tulare facility, for a total of 64 lanes of Spectrim technology.


Sun Pacific Shippers President Al Bates said, "As our operations continue to grow, maintaining accurate, efficient technology has become essential." "Sun Pacific has been working with Compac for fifteen years. The Maricopa Cuties facility installed 84 lanes of 200-foot-long sorter between 2003-2005, making it the largest Compac installation in the world. We have been very satisfied with the performance and service of the existing sorter, making it an easy decision to upgrade to Spectrim."


The increased performance demonstrated by the platform during Mr Bates visits to Spectrim installations in New Zealand, Washington state and California was the key factor in Sun Pacific's investment decision. “There have been technology advances over the last 15 years that haven’t met my expectations. But over the last 18 months I’ve seen Compac’s technology and I think it’s time to make the transition.”


"The move to Spectrim has been a significant investment, but the anticipated increase in efficiency and improvement in quality should more than justify the purchase allowing Sun Pacific to continue as a leader in the industry."


Compac North American General Manager, Ken Moynihan, said building partnerships with customers and providing an evolving service package as the company develops new technology was key to Compac’s growth. “We supply customers across the world with innovative, intuitive sorting and packing technology. It’s important that we remain ahead of the pack and build strong long-term relationships with our customers and work with them to realize the benefits of the continuously improving technology.”


Spectrim was judged New Zealand’s best technology solution for the agritech sector at the 2017 Hi-Tech Awards. The platform combines easy to use software with the latest in high performance imaging and machine learning technology to give Compac customers a robust fresh produce sorting solution to help protect and enhance their brands.


For contact:

Mike Riley – CEO, Compac

+64 21 751 539,


Perry Sansom – VP Marketing, Compac

+64 21 404 040,  

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