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Ecuador 05/10/2017

Ecuadorian Bananas are leader in the Russian market

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With a market share of about 92-94% Ecuadorian banana is the undisputed leader of the Russian market and Ecuador's professionals want to further strengthen this leadership.

ACROBANEX at WorldFood 2017 in Moscow stressed that the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Russian Association of Importers aims to further improve the already excellent cooperation between the two countries in the field of agro-food trade .
Ecuadorian bananas hold between 92% and 94% of the market in Russia and growth in terms of sales and turnover is expected this year. Russia is an important and strategic market representing 24% of Ecuador's total banana exports.



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Between January and July 2017, bananas from Ecuador were exported mainly to Russia, the United States, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Turkey and Chile.
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