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Turkiye 29/08/2017

Turkish Pavilion in Asia Logistica 2017

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This year, the Union of Mediterranean Exporters is organizing the participation of Turkish exhibitors in the 10th version of this event, which is experiencing an unprecedented development since in 2016, the number of visitors had already Increased by 22% with 11,000 people from 74 different countries, while 665 companies exhibited products from 37 countries.

Turkey is well aware of the potential of this fair to promote its fresh produce and every year it has increased the number of participants from 11,000 in 2015 to 22,000 in 2017.
Apart from private companies, a number of public institutions will be there to strengthen the commercial relations woven patiently with the countries of this part of the world, with the aim of finding alternative markets for Turkish products.
The first cargo of cherries and lemons this year is proof of this dynamism.
The Turkish pavilion is located in Hall 3C.

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