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Interko beats energy-efficiency target for new ripening room fan. Dutch innovator will share its latest technological advances at Asia Fruit Logistica 2017

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Fresh fruit ripening is even more profitable thanks to RƎVERSO – the Dutch solution provider's latest technological innovation.


Multinational ripening room specialist Interko has triumphed in further reducing customers’ operational costs by beating the energy efficiency target set for its new range of RƎVERSO fans.


The RƎVERSO reversible fan range provides efficient air movement technology and full user-controllability within a ripening room. The fans can be controlled simply and individually. The fans can also be linked to the fully-integrated and unique Interko Smart ripening control system.


“At every single site where we installed our RƎVERSO fans the energy consumption was less than the 100 watts of electricity per pallet at full airflow that we promised,” exclaims Chris Maat, the Managing Partner of Interko. “For some clients, the output was as much as 20% lower – so the fans were using as little as 80 watts per pallet, which is incredibly low.”


Interko is dedicated to making ripening more profitable for its customers. The innovative company is continually evolving its advanced range of energy-efficient and cost-effective technologies.


For retailers, importers, distributors or wholesalers who ripen bananas or exotic fruits, installing RƎVERSO fans translates into considerable cost savings, even in countries where electricity is not expensive.


“In countries like the UK, Germany and Spain electricity is more expensive than the world average, so the problem is generic,” explains Chris. “But electricity still represents a large percentage of a company’s operational costs no matter where in the world you are. And in some countries there’s very little awareness of that.”


In addition, Interko’s RƎVERSO fans offer the added value of benefitting the quality of the fruit being ripened. After analysing results from a number of customers, Interko can confirm its RƎVERSO fans are having a positive effect on ripening quality.


Interko team invites produce professionals to learn more about the RƎVERSO fan range and other integrated ripening solutions at the world fresh fruit and vegetable trade show, Asia Fruit Logistica 2017. The fair takes place in Hong Kong, on 6-8 September 2017. Interko will exhibit in Hall 3, C-41.


Meet Interko at Asia Fruit Logistica!

To schedule an appointment for Asia Fruit Logistica,

please contact: Chris Maat or Anna Zegveld

Tel: +31 (0)79 593 2581

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RƎVERSO – a new energy efficient reversible ripening room fans will be presented by Interko at Asia Fruit Logistica 2017
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