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Tanzania 20/07/2017

Export prohibition of unprocessed agricultural products

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Decision taken by the Tanzanian Government to avoid a possible food shortage but above all to restore the trade balance by multiplying the value of exports and limiting the volume of imports.

In Tanzania it is now prohibited to export unprocessed agricultural products. Shipments of raw products (maize, rice, cassava) will no longer be available, but operators in the sector will only be able to ship these products in the form of processed products such as flour. Or any other processing done locally and adding a new "value" to the gross product.
In addition to the development of a genuine agri-food industry that will create thousands of new jobs, this strategy will boost the revenue generated by exports and will limit imports of agri-food products.
The Directive entered into force at the end of June 2017. Heavy penalties are imposed on exporters and traders in case of fraud and non-compliance with this new law.



source : classe, afrique

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Produce local, consume local. The main reason for the new directive is food safety and the important challenge of creating thousands of jobs thanks to a new agri-food industry.
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