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Belgium 18/07/2017

DEWULF machines harvest near the Arctic Circle

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  Dewulf, specialist in harvesting technology for potatoes and carrots,  has introduced the first three-wheeled sieving harvester way back in 1989. This largely innovative 2-row self-propelled machine has become a milestone in the history of the company. Today, 28 years later, Dewulf proudly produces the fifth generation of this combine.

  Mr Jordy Vandecappelle, Head of marketing adds  proudly:

“This combine is often copied by other manufacturers, but is unrivaled.”

  This Model R3060, is produced annually in an amount of more than 50 pieces and well-known all over the world. Since Dewulf combine harvesters use only first-class, best-of-breed components, these machines remain reliable for many years, no matter when they were manufactured.

   Mr Juha Jankkila – potato cultivator from Lapland -  bought his harvester through Finnish Dewulf dealer Avagro in 2014. The R3000S harvests over 40ha every season with a low cost of ownership, which makes the harvester very economical. Jankkila harvests a landrace potato called Puikula, a variety that grows best in Finnish Lapland. These potatoes have a growing season of just 80-90 days. Then, in late autumn, they must be harvested within 10-14 days, after which they are distributed throughout Finland.



Jordy Vandecappelle - Head of marketing

Tel: +32 5120 58 71


Web :


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