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Turkiye 31/08/2016

New packaging to extend shelf life

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The R&D department of the company is currently working in the development of antimicrobial modified bags. At the same time they work on a new type of modified-atmosphere packaging with a multi-layered material. It is reported to help extending the shelf life by 20% more than conventional modified atmosphere packaging.

The plastic packaging materials that Aypek is implementing are environmentally-friendly, because they re-use materials that are not producing any cellulose.

“Aypek is already a leading company in the modified-atmosphere market around the Mediterranean countries, and as you know, these countries are important producers for the fresh market. Last year, Aypek started exploring the Asian market, but now our focus will be in Latin America,” explains Aypek manager Mr Levent Cakmak.

Aypek will exhibit in Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong and also at the PMA Fresh summit in Orlando. Last weekend they were in Greece and then will be at Macfruit in Italy with its partners.

Aypek is in Asia Fruit Logistica, Stand Y-17/6

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