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Italy 14/01/2014

CAAB Bologna announces the 3rd profitable year

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The 3rd consecutive beneficial year for CAAB (Centro Agro-Alimentare di Bologna).

CAAB, the wholesale market of Bologna, announces  the 3rd consecutive year with a profit. Preliminary data indicated an increase in the production of +4% (€ 8 million), a decrease of  fees -4%, an income before tax higher than 1 million Euro (500 000 Euros in 2012).

Financial position is significantly improved. This positive trend confirms the choice of investments in recent years. The investments made: the installation of photovoltaic roof, which is now the largest in Europe. The investment for the Future: the project FICO-Eataly World which can cause a strong growth of Bologna and its region.

source : agricolae it, con i piedi per terra 


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CAAB: photovoltaic roof consists of 43,750 solar panels with a total area of 100,000 m2, equivalent to 14 football fields.
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