23/05/2024 | Australia

Critical situation for avocado production in Queensland

In Australia, the oversupply of domestic avocado production is causing fruit prices to plummet, while costs (inputs, freight, labour) are skyrocketing for farmers, who are opting instead to cut down their trees and grow other crops.
Local media are reporting that many farmers are bulldozing thousands of avocado trees in Queensland. These farmers say that all their costs are rising at a rapid rate, while their incomes are falling. Prices used to be AUD 30 to 40 (USD 19.92 to 26.55) per tray, now they are AUD 15 to 20 (USD 9.96 to 13.28) per tray.
In addition, the region has received very heavy rainfall, leading to root rot and fruit deterioration. Lower quality avocados and oversupply at national level pushed prices down.
Exporting avocados is not seen as a solution by these farmers, who have decided to opt for other crops such as limes and pumpkins.
source : theexpressnewspaper.com.au
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