14/11/2023 | Spain

Spanish brand awarded with Goldener Zuckerhut 2023

SanLucar, the premium fruit and veg brand, has been honored with the Goldener Zuckerhut 2023 award, a coveted accolade within the German food and consumer goods industry. This prestigious recognition, presented annually since 1958, celebrates companies and professionals who have demonstrated excellence and noteworthy contributions to the sector.

In a ceremony held in Berlin last Friday, Stephan Rötzer, the founder of SanLucar, and Armin Rehberg, the CEO of the company group and the international fruit and vegetable brand, proudly accepted the award. The gala was graced by influential figures from the German food industry.

SanLucar's success is woven with the extensive expertise of its growers, innovative know-how, and an unwavering passion for delivering fruits and vegetables of the highest quality and taste standards. Beyond these attributes, the company clinched the award for its distinction as the sole entity covering the entire value chain of the agri-food sector—from field to fork. This encompasses the development and selection of premium varieties, environmentally friendly cultivation practices, inventive product packaging for optimal preservation and transport, as well as expert guidance and support at the point of sale for an eye-catching supermarket shelf presentation.

SanLucar proudly offers over 100 fruits and vegetables sourced from over 35 countries and is renowned for possessing the most extensive top-quality assortment in the retail markets of Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, the Middle East, and Canada.


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