03/11/2023 | Ecuador

Banana and forest is a perfect match: Marcel Laniado chats about sustainable banana farming

A pioneering force in sustainable banana production, La Nueva Pubenza, is a family-run farm based in El Cambio, Machala, Ecuador. Committed to delivering high-quality bananas for local and international consumption, the company proudly holds certifications from Rainforest Alliance and Global G.A.P.

“Sustainability is not a romantic thing, it is a very precise data ratio and tangible project. For me, banana and forest is a perfect match. On our farm, we have forest trees to protect the farm from the neighbors, as well as various fruit trees. If you go to a supermarket in Ecuador, you’ll find Chilean cherries, grapes, or apples, but you won’t find any local tropical fruits because it’s more difficult to do commercially than selling Chilean fruits. At La Nueva Pubenza, we’re planting my grandmother’s trees — mango, jackfruit, breadfruit, avocado, and many others.”, says Marcel Laniado, General Manager of La Nueva Pubenza.

The heart of La Nueva Pubenza’s operation lies in its purpose-built plant with meticulously selected refrigeration and ripening equipment along with ripening protocols to bring forth premium export bananas. Mr. Laniado also assures that their electric power plant boasts a substantial capacity, capable of supporting the entire operation of the farm.

A water purification plant safeguards the banana humidification process to meet stringent safety standards for human consumption. Online sensors and temperature and humidity controllers enable round-the-clock operation. To ensure that products arrive at customers' doorsteps in optimal conditions, the company utilizes refrigerated transport.

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