05/09/2023 | USA

Galen George explains why avocado growers and packers need the F-751 Avocado Quality Meter

Recently, Felix Instruments participated in the World Avocado Congress 2023. The gathering united experts and visionaries from the industry to spotlight the state-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking innovations that are redefining the avocado assessment landscape.

One of the standout moments of the congress was an exclusive interview featuring Galen George, Director of Applied Science, hosted by the World Avocado Congress. In the discussion, Galen delved into the revolutionary F-751 Avocado Quality Meter, a swift and non-invasive solution for dry matter assessment. You can watch the interview here.

If you wish to test Avocado Quality Meter or meet Felix Instruments team during Fruit Logistica Asia (September 6-8), send you inquiry.

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