23/03/2023 | USA

Dr. Ioannis Minas explains why NIRS solutions are crucial for fruit businesses

Analysis of the chemical composition of crops and soil is fundamental for optimizing growth and yield. One of the key efficient methods for obtaining this is Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS). It is a non-destructive technique that enables quick and precise measurement of properties in plants and soil (moisture, protein, sugar content, oil). 

Knowing these characteristics, growers can make data-driven decisions that impact the quality of the crop and productivity. However, many of those who use NIRS in agriculture are not aware of the full range of capabilities and applications of this technology.

In a recent interview, Director of Applied Science at Felix Instruments, Galen George, chatted with Assistant Professor Dr. Ioannis Minas from Colorado State University, who explained why innovative NIRS solution are so important nowadays, and proved why those farmers who still rely on traditional means and knowledge to assess the maturity of their fruit, need to better understand the benefits of modern solutions. Read the full article here.

Felix Instruments is one of the world-class experts in NIR spectroscopy. The company develops and manufactures NIR assessment and gas analysis tools for growers, breeders and distributors to obtain critical data from fruit quickly and non-destructively.

For those who wish to broaden their knowledge about NIR spectroscopy, on April 4, Felix Instruments, along with its partner Start Afresh – The Horticultural Innovators, will carry out a Tech Talk Breakfast in Tauranga, New Zealand.

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