22/03/2023 | Poland

A promising new market for Polish apples

Poland is Europe's leading apple producer with an annual production of around 4.2 million tonnes. The volume exported is around 1 million tonnes and Poland wanted to diversify its export markets.
According to Polish media, the talks with the Indonesian government have been successful and the possibility of exporting apples to Indonesia is achieved. Interested Polish growers and exporters should contact local health authorities by April 30, 2023, to signal their intention to grow apples for the Indonesian market in the 2023 season.
The opening of the Indonesian market is promising for Polish apples. Registering a solid economic development, Indonesia counts approximately 270 million inhabitants mainly young people (60% has less than 40 years) and applicants for quality food products.
For many years Russia was the major market for Polish apples, but the embargo imposed on Russia on food products from the EU caused Polish apples to lose the Russian market. Poland exported to Egypt (160,000 tons of apples per year) and other markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia.
source : sadowniczeabc.pl, a-ipp.ru, sad24.pl
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