23/01/2023 | Azerbaijan

New markets for Azerbaijani persimmon

Azerbaijan is considered the world's second largest persimmon exporter, behind Spain. Its kaki production recorded a remarkable growth rate of +38.5%.
According to local media, the National Customs Committee of Azerbaijan specified that 174,158,000 tons of persimmons were exported in 2021, which is +38.5% more than the previous year. According to Azexport the share of Azerbaijan in that year on the world kaki market was 20%.
Its main markets are Russia and Ukraine. The war between these 2 countries upset the sales forecasts but, because of the embargo of European products in Russia and because of the drought in Spain which led to a small harvest, there was a shortage of kakis on the market. worldwide, which caused a price increase of around +30% for Azerbaijani kaki on the Russian market.
Azerbaijani kakis have also entered the market of some European countries, due to the production deficit in Spain. Negotiations are underway for the opening of several new markets such as Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The Turkish market is also considered very promising.
In Azerbaijan, fruit and berry production increased in 2021 by +9.3% in volume then by +11% with 479,300 tonnes produced (period from January to August 2022).
source : aze.media, report.az
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