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Interko will exhibit in ExpoAlimentaria Peru

On 21-23 September 2022, Interko, one of the global leaders for the design, manufacture and installation of innovative fresh fruit ripening rooms, will attend ExpoAlimentaria Peru along with its local Peruvian partner HB Refrigeración


At the fair, the Dutch company will present its product range and inform ripening operators about the basic challenges of fruit ripening. 


Chris Maat, Interko Managing Director/Partner, commented that Latin America is an important source of the world’s tropical fruits, including avocados, mangoes, and bananas. Co-exhibiting at ExpoAlimentaria Peru provides Interko with a chance to expand their local footprint and raise awareness of their brand name, while meeting in person all of their customers from the region. 


Maat added that for Latin American fruit retailers, importers and distributors, Interko can create bespoke ripening rooms equipped with their latest innovative technology. By acquiring Interko ripening rooms, operators will further save on operational costs, reduce energy consumption and minimal product loss, as well as improve product quality, finish and shelf-life.


Ultimo, Optimo, Axesso and Mobilo are four types of Interko’s ripening rooms that can be used to ripen bananas, avocados, tomatoes, pears, mangoes, papayas, apricots, peaches, kiwifruit, among other.


In the last year, the company installed several Ultimo and Optimo rooms for retailers, distributors, and grower-exporters in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Peru. 


Recently, the company showcased its own innovative ripening control system complete with a fail-safe mode. 


Next, Interko will upgrade its ripening room range with newer fans to produce even greater energy savings, and will reduce its use of materials.




On October 4-6, Interko will also exhibit at Fruit Attraction 2022 in Madrid (Spain).
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