14/04/2022 | Algeria

Banana prices rise in Algeria

For Algerian professionals, this surge in prices is due to an imbalance between supply and demand. The quantities of bananas entering Algeria are well below market needs.
According to the Algerian media, the price of bananas reached 800 DZD (5.58 USD) per kilo, whereas a few weeks ago, before the start of Ramadam, the price was 500 DZD (3.48 USD) per kilo. kilo.
This price spike prompted Algerian internet users to launch a boycott campaign to get consumers to stop buying bananas. The campaign, via social networks, has spread widely and has resulted in a multitude of comments from consumers who consider the price beyond the reach of most households.
According to Algerian professionals, between September and May, market needs are 1,000 tonnes per day, compared to half as much during the summer months. But currently, while the month of April is still a period of high demand, the quantities imported only reach 200 tonnes/day for needs of 1,000 tonnes/day.
source : tsa-algerie com, dzairdaily com 
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