20/01/2022 | Switzerland

Obtain guaranteed premium quality yields with clean growing system

Since 2013, CleanGreens Solutions SA, previously known as CombaGroup SA, has been developing and polishing its first clean growing system. In 2019, the company installed its first commercial system in France, then in Switzerland, France and Kuwait. 

CleanGreens is convinced that aeroponics is the technology that provides the best sustainability-food safety ratio. 

Their innovative technology provides superb and predictable premium quality yields of their customers’ favorite crops. It can easily adjust to market preferences without compromising the size, texture, taste, and shelf-life.
Their mobile aeroponics equipment includes an irrigation robot hidden below a supporting structure that holds crop modules. CleanGreens guarantees precision spraying that provides full oxygen availability with minimum microbiological risks.

New Chapter in 2022

In January 2022, the company announced that Bruno Cheval, Financial Director since 2020, has been appointed as the new CEO of the company.

Cheval will succeed Serge Gander who has been directing the company over the past 5 years. The Board of directors expressed gratitude to Serge for his efforts and contribution to the growth of CleanGreens during that time.


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