19/01/2022 | New Zealand

Lemon shortage in New Zealand

Some New Zealand supermarkets have limited purchases to one lemon per person. 
According to local media, supermarkets in New Zealand are facing a shortage of lemons. In some shops, purchases are limited to one lemon, which can cost up to NZD 10 (USD 6.87) per kilo. Limes are available at a price of up to NZD 39.99 (USD 27.49) per kilo.
These shortages are considered temporary by industry professionals who explain that the new New Zealand citrus harvest will only start in two months. 
They also point out that before the start of the new New Zealand harvest, it is normal to have volume shortages at this time. But this year lemon imports are affected by delays due to the world trade situation and sanitary regulations.
In addition, the main suppliers of lemons, the US and Mexico, have experienced a drop in production volumes and their export volumes to the New Zealand market are likely to be lower than in previous years.
source : stuff.co.nz, nzherald.co.nz
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