10/01/2022 | Spain

Advanced pre-sorting technology for fruits and vegetables

Multiscan Technologies presents the new Multiscan S90 selector: advanced technology for the pre-calibrating and repackaging of citrus fruits, avocados and tomatoes.


MULTISCAN TECHNOLOGIES is one of the world leaders in machinery for the selection, calibration and inspection of agricultural products, with more than 1,400 systems installed around the globe. Their inspection and sorting solutions equipped with vision and X-ray technologies set them apart from competitors.


What's new about the latest Multiscan S90 sorting kit?


The Multiscan S90 is a compact system developed for the pre-sorting of citrus, avocados and tomatoes. Equipped with SPIN SORT technology, it transports the fruit while making a 360º turn, detecting quality problems due to shape, color or external defect thanks to its advanced vision system. It also has multiple selection parameter settings.


Who is the Multiscan S90 destined for?


Although the Multiscan S90 can be equally used in reception, packing or repacking, the benefits it brings to collection centers and repackaging processes stand out, with a short-term economic impact. This high-capacity and efficient solution provides the following benefits:



Quality management from the origin, with separation of destrío and industry in the field; significant savings in labor and logistics; valuable information at the beginning of the chain - producer payment, consignment data.



Electronic selection with low space consumption; savings in labor; highest line productivity; data generation.


Technology that adds value in the fruit and vegetable sector


The consumption of citrus fruits, avocados and tomatoes has a great value in the world. Its export and import imply long value chains, with different actors and strict compliance with quality standards.

In addition, the agri-food industry is expanding towards automation; technified processes are important for optimal business profitability.

The Multiscan S90 is a tool to increase efficiency in packaging of quality products, fulfilling expectations of buyers and guaranteeing optimization of processing lines.


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