11/01/2022 | Egypt

For the first time Egypt has exceeded 5.6 million tonnes of exports

The year 2021 is proving to be a good one for Egyptian agricultural exports, which exceed the volume achieved in the previous year as well as that achieved before the pandemic, with more than 5.6 million tons shipped.
According to the Minister of Agriculture, Sayed El-Quseir, in 2021 the total Egyptian agricultural exports exceeded 5.6 million tons. This is higher than the 5.1 million tonnes recorded for 2020 and higher than the 5.4 million tonnes recorded in 2019.
The ranking, established by the Central Department of Agricultural Quarantine, indicates that citrus exports came out on top with a volume of over 1.8 million tonnes. This is followed by potatoes with 614,424 tonnes, then onions with 276,141 tonnes and grapes with 143,450 tonnes.
Egypt exports 350 different agricultural products to over 150 countries. Fodder beets, intended for livestock feed, reached 650,340 tons exported. 

source : arabnews.com, dailynewsegypt.com

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