07/12/2021 | Peru

Peruvian ginger exports increased 5% year-over-year

From January to November 28, 2021, Peru exported 41.000 tons of ginger, which is 5% higher than that shipped in the same period of 2020, according to Fernando Cillóniz Benavides, the president of the consulting firm Inform@cción.
The main producing areas remain Satipo and Chanchamayo (Junín).
In addition, Cillóniz specified that Peru exported 2.413,940 kilos of ginger in January, 3.770.326 kilos in February, 2.538.817 kilos in March, 1.000.000 kilos in April, 1.300.000 kilos in May, 2.600.000 kilos in June, 4.409.646 kilos in July, 4.525.920 kilos in August, 4.377.103 kilos in September, 6.613.000 kilos in October, and 7.685.703 kilos in November (as of the 28th).
The main destinations were the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, among others.
source: agraria.pe
photo: logistica360.pe
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