28/10/2021 | USA

Transform Your Perishable Product Shipping with Real-Time Monitoring

Successful, on-time shipment of products is essential for business success. When a container filled with perishable products, like grapes, arrives to the customer in unsaleable condition, options are limited and company profits suffer. What makes the difference between a successful shipment and one where products and profits are lost? Where perishable commodities are concerned, maintaining the proper temperature is of utmost importance. However, the story does not end there. Without real-time, in-transit visibility of temperature and location, responding to unforeseen situations is virtually impossible. 

Historically, a temperature record produced after the arrival of a shipment was the only technology option available. Knowing where and when an excursion occurred has provided the evidence an exporter used to prove that the container temperature was within the contracted range at the start of the trip, but deviated somewhere along the way. Although this approach has worked for a long time, new cold chain technology provides much more control over the outcome of a shipment. 

Depending on the device used, real-time monitoring gives insight into the temperature and humidity level affecting a shipment, as well as evidence of a potential security breach via the light sensor. The ability to access all of this actionable data, in real-time, provides a tremendous opportunity to take preventive measures to protect and reduce losses, positively impacting global food waste. 

Real-time monitoring is taken to the next level with maritime tracking of your container, which uses GPS positioning of the vessel to provide visibility of the container as it travels on the ocean. Thanks to this technology, current on-ocean location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) are no longer a mystery. Instead, this information is readily available to exporters and importers, and offers the opportunity to expedite post-arrival activities, such as inspections and filing insurance claims.  

DeltaTrak’s FlashTrak Cold Chain Cloud Service combines real-time temperature, location, humidity, light, and arrival time data, to potentially transform the way products are transported globally. For more than 30 years, our solutions have helped exporters, importers and other stakeholders make proactive decisions and solve real problems.


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