19/10/2021 | Turkiye

Akın Söyleyen shares his observations on fruit season in Turkey

Aksun is one of the biggest European exporters of fruit and vegetables, based in Mersin, Turkey.

The holding company, Akincigil Holding Group, started its activity in international transport in 1965, and then extended its activities to fruit and veg export under the brand AKSUN in 1994. Today, the company exports to over 25 countries.

Akın Söyleyen, Marketing Manager at Aksun, described this year’s fig campaign, which started in the beginning of August, as “steady, successful, with stable prices and supply”.  The fruit is mainly destined to European countries, with Germany and Italy as the main recipients. In Asia, its main destinations remain Hong Kong and Singapore.

“In Europe, we have our own trucks, so we offer a door-to-door service to our customers, which means we can deliver even only one pallet if needed.”, highlighted the manager.


“Recently we also started with the Intertonado lemon. Overall supplies volume and quality are better than last year, while prices remain the same. Next week we start with grapefruit, another big item which is sold well along with lemons, because, for example, when a customer in Asia cannot order only one container of grapefruit, we can mix it with lemon and thus make it more attractive for customers and easier to sell for us. Soon we will also start with pomegranate.” comments Söyleyen.


Another major event for Aksun was the launch of its own apple production for which the company built a new cold storage facility which is spread over 23.000 sq.m. in Mersin. The new facility will be also used for kiwis and lemons. 


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