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PerfoTec offers complete solution to double shelf life of fresh produce

PerfoTec was founded in the Netherlands in 2004. Bas Groeneweg, CEO and founder, has explored how fine tuned perforated packaging could extend the shelf life of fresh produce. Three years later, in cooperation with Mundi Laser Technology, Groeneweg designed a laser that matches almost every packaging machine. 

The PerfoTec Laser System extends the shelf life of fresh produce by optimising the permeability of the packaging. Film permeability is the key control point for the shelf life and quality of fresh products. The permeability can be controlled through microperforation.

The PerfoTec Laser makes a consistent amount and accurate size of holes, which are essential features for Active Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

At Fruit Attraction 2021, Fructidor had a chance to interview Bas Groeneweg, who has explained the uniqueness of solutions that the company offers today.

“While inside the pack, fresh produce is still breathing in and out CO2 and water, and then there appears acid. For this reason, we and our partners developed new films that allow excess moisture and CO2 to go out through the film. It's the same principle that works for all types of fresh products. With our solution we have doubled the shelf life of fresh spinach, from 7 to over 14 days. In the case of blueberries, the shelf life was extended from 4 to 8 weeks. Our film is versatile and works with different products.”, explains Groeneweg.

In the following video, PerfoTec explains how its solution works


Today, PerfoTec’s primary customers are producers, exporters, packers, and retailers of short shelf life products such as soft fruit, fresh cut salads, vegetables, and ready-to-eat meals.


“What we’re doing now is very different from what we have been doing 10 years ago. Initially, with our technology we were able to extend the shelf life of fresh products up to only 1 or 2 days. Today we can increase it up to 70-100% extra.”, comments the CEO.


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