18/08/2021 | Moldova

Demand for Moldovan plums in German markets will increase this season

Due to the frost damage in plum orchards in southern Germany, German importers are looking again to import fresh plums from Moldova. 

According to Kurt Halder, sales product manager at OGA/OGV NORDBADEN EG, a German cooperative distribution channel for fruit and veg, the early varieties of plum have been particularly harmed. The harvest started 2 weeks later than normally due to the cold spring. 

Halder said they would like to sell Moldovan plums after the German harvest, if demand remains. 

They expect the same quantity as last year, but they would like to boost sales.

In 2020, Moldova exported more than 2.450 tons of plums to Germany. Importers were satisfied with the quality of the fruit and decided to continue working with Moldovan growers. 

Halder projects to start importing from Moldova at the end of September. 


According to Elena Davidescu, Marketing Director of Ceteronis - ST in Moldova, the prospects for this plum season are very promising.

Ceteronis – ST is a family-owned farm with more than 2.000 hectares of cultivated land.

The company is certified by GlobalG.A.P. and GRASP and is famous for its Stanley plums, which are popular in markets of France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Every year, the company harvests around 5.000 tons of plums, making it Moldova's largest plum producer.

After being carefully harvested, the plums are stored in cooling warehouses before being sorted, calibrated, and prepared for transportation.

The Moldovan company also offers table grapes, peaches, and sweet cherries.


In the last few years, Moldovan fruits have entered new markets. Last season, the country exported more than 46.900 tons of plums, with more than half of them going to European markets (Italy, France, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria).

Moldovan plums are available from August to November. Currently, the country possesses 22.000 hectares dedicated for cultivation of this fruit, with an annual production of 100.000 tons. Moldova offers more than a dozen of plum varieties, Stanley and President being the most required for export.


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